Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Attention Target Shoppers - I Saved Over $175!

I've posted before about how much I love Target and after today, I love it even more! My Target store is great about accepting coupons, they even told me that I could use their kiosk to print Target coupons. Today I purchased $220.50 of groceries and Christmas gifts for only $37.73! I also received a $5 Target gift card for purchasing 5 Fiber One products and I will receive a $10 Kellogg's Fuel For School rebate for purchasing 10 Kellogg's products! If you take those 2 off my purchase total that means I've only spent $22.73! Some of the items I purchased today weren't absolutely necessary, but they were pretty darn cheap and my kids were absolutely thrilled!!! Here's the breakdown of what I purchased:

3 Leap Frog Tag Readers ($49.99 each- marked down to $12.48 each clearance-used $10/1 coupon)
2 boxes Nutrigrain bars
($2.39 each used $1/2 from 8/2 Kellogg's Insert and $.50/1 Target Kellogg's Snack coupon)
6 boxes Yogo Bits
($1.75 each used $1/2 from 8/2 Kellogg's Insert and $.50/1 Target Kellogg's Snack coupon)
2 boxes Fruity Cheerios ($2.64 each used $2/1 Fruity Cheerios* and $1/1 General Mills Cereal)
2 boxes Pop Tarts
(used $1/2* and $.75/1 Pop Tarts)
4 boxes Fiber One Toaster Pastries
(used $1/2 Fiber One Toaster Pastries*)
1 box Fiber One Bars
8 stretchy book covers (clearanced for $.48 each and $1.38 each)
2 3-packs of paper book covers
(clearanced for $.68 each)
10 10-packs Bic pens (clearanced for $.70 each used $1/2 Bic Stationery)
1 Crayola Twistables Crayons (clearanced for $.48)
6 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Cups ($.95 each used $1/1 General Mills Cereal)
12 Market Pantry String Cheese ($.40 each used $1/2 Market Pantry Cheese)

*I buy lots of my coupons off of ebay, so I'm not sure what the dates are on some of these coupons!

There are lots of great deals out there! Hope you can take advantage of a few of them!
Search & Win

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