Sunday, October 11, 2009

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  1. Dearest women of GOD,

    I am in the midst of having a study at my place. God has been putting single woman in my path lately,
    so far 6 of them.2 are coming to my study, and the other is a special needs woman. I can't afford the study but I would like to do something. what do you suggest? (name of study) and ways i can get a hold of your study I would like you Beth to email me asap.
    pss...all of your studies have changed my life and i am in despret need to help others. just show me how I can get a hold of your small amounts of studies for these woman. thanks.Jennifer D.

  2. Beth do you have a free Bible study online, I live in Queensland Australia and am a disability pensioner and am full time carer for my husband who has a terminal disease and I would appreciate a Bible Study for me to do. I listen to you on the Christian Satalitte TV on Betty and James and really am blessed from those messages. Keep The Faith Dee


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