Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WFMW: Weekend getaways on a shoestring!

I love weekend getaways...getaways with my hubby, getaways with my family, getaways with my girlfriends! Getaways can be quite expensive when you factor in hotel rooms, food, etc. I have found a few things that make these weekends much easier on my budget.

- I like to use I used them in November and stayed at a 4 star hotel in Chicago for $89/night! I used them around Thanksgiving and stayed at a Hampton Inn in Indianapolis for $35/night. I used them last weekend and stayed at a Signature Inn for $35/night and I'm using them this weekend to stay at a Doubletree for $52.

Food- I try to plan out our eating in advance! This weekend when we go to Indy, I had to come up with something for dinner Saturday night and all three meals on Sunday. On Saturday night, we'll eat at a restaurant using a gift certificate. You can save 80% on certificates by using the code "DINE". We typically spend about $25 OOP for a family of 4 when we use one of these certificates and we eat quite well! I'm also planning on eating lunch and dinner on Sunday using coupons. I also try to bring snacks from home with me for when we all get the munchies in the hotel room. This is a whole lot cheaper than vending machines and room service!!!

Our weekend away including gas, meals, and hotels will probably cost us around $125...not too bad considering we're a family of 4 and a typical hotel room costs that much!

That's what "works for me!" Head on over to We Are THAT Family for Works for Me Wednesday!


  1. Oh my sistah! You are rocking it on saving the moola! Good job!
    Thanks for sharing. I live near Indy and have a very special birthday coming up for my middle child. She's turning 16 and wants to go stay somewhere with a group of girlfriends..then shop.
    We thought maybe Chicago or Indy! I'm gonna do it through Hotwire.

  2. Oh, I am totally bookmarking this.....praying that we have enough left over with tax return for my husband to get a long overdue weekend away.

    thanks and God bless~


  3. Glad this was helpful! We've had a lot of getaways lately which is unusual, but so much more doable when you can do it for cheap!


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