Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gift Cards Galore

I love Gift Cards! And in the past month, I've received quite a few, and it's not even my birthday (although my birthday is coming up in July and I'd be really thrilled if you gave me a gift card...but I digress). These gift cards were all earned from doing things I usually do anyway! During the month of April, I earned $20 in Amazon gift card for searching the web using Swagbucks! (You can read my post about using Swagbucks here).

During the month of February, I switched to a bank that had a rewards program for debit card users. Since we are striving to get out of debt, we are not using credit cards anymore! Chase offers a "Leisure Rewards" debit card which gives you points that you can redeem for gift cards or other cool stuff. I have used the points that I've earned to purchase $75 in Applebee's gift cards. They have lots of other restaurants too, but since I live in a small town that doesn't have a lot of restaurants, Applebee's gift cards make the most sense. This is a great way to splurge and go out to eat without spending any money out of your pocket!

Last, but not least, is my Walgreen's Easy Saver Rebate gift card. I hate to even bring this up since Walgreen's cancelled their Easy Saver Reward program, but I also have an $11 Walgreens gift card on the way. The best part is that I used coupons to purchase the product for which I got the rebate, so my out of pocket was only $4 and I needed the product anyway...Plus, I'll get an $11 gift card.

There are so many ways out there to make the most of your money. I encourage you to take advantage of a few of them!!!

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