Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm back!

What I thought would be a break of a few days ended up being a break of over 2 weeks. I haven't been on an actual computer in over a week. I've checked email and Facebook from my phone, but that's been it! These past weeks have been a complete and total whirlwind. In the last week alone, we have driven over 2000 miles, traveled through thirteen states, spent the night in 5 different states, attended my sister in law's wedding and rehearsal, visited with my in-laws, visited with my sister, spent time with my mom, and celebrated Father's Day in addition to all the regular family craziness with my kiddos. I'm sure that's more than any of you wanted to know, but since lots of you have emailed to check on me since I haven't been posting, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into my last week! :-)

We are now in New Hampshire and will be staying in our cottage for the next 7 or 8 weeks. Our cottage is definitely a "fixer-upper" and we will be doing what we can on our shoestring budget! If any of you have great ideas for how to do a budget makeover, I'd love to hear them (and when I say budget makeover, I'm talking about how to redo a whole cottage for under $100!) :-)

I'm also re-learning how to coupon. I have to shop at different grocery stores, use a different newspaper, and figure out what prices are "good" for this area! This summer will definitely not be boring!

I'm going to post on what I'm learning about couponing in a new area and I'll probably post pictures of our home improvement projects as we tackle them! Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far!

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