Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do You Have Adequate Insurance?

These are pictures that were taken last week during the flooding in our neighborhood. The first picture was taken from my house and shows the street and the neighbor across the street. At one point during the afternoon, the water in the street was waist deep! The second picture was taken of my house from across the street...again, you'd never know that we were on the corner of 2 fairly busy streets (at least busy for a small town like ours!). The third picture was taken out my back door and shows the house behind ours...and no, it is not a houseboat!

We are very thankful that we had the right insurance! If we did not have sewer and sump pump backup insurance, our insurance company would not have replaced our hot water heater, our furnace, or our freezer. In addition, if you do not specifically have a personal property clause on your sewer and sump pump insurance, personal property is not covered! Believe me...we never thought we would have to worry about this where we live, but we did and we are so glad we had insurance! I highly recommend that you call your insurance agent to make sure you have adequate insurance in the event of water damage to your basement! This is my Public Service Announcement of the day! :-)

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