Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm swamped...literally!

I'll probably be missing from the blogworld for the next few days. Yesterday, we moved into a hotel after our basement flooded. We have no heat or running water at our house and everything in our basement has been destroyed...including our freezer which was packed to the brim with the rest of our food for the month! The good news is that my family is all safe and that all we've lost is stuff. Some of it was stuff I liked very much...and some of it was irreplaceable. One of my daughter's "All About Me" book that she made last year which included tons of photos and essays was destroyed and my other daughter's clothes and stuff animals didn't make it, but both daughters are healthy and well. My husband's first Bible which his grandpa gave him in the early 70s was destroyed, but my husband is still around. In the end, it's sad...and the backed up sewer left some nasty stuff in our basement, but it's all just stuff...and people are more important than stuff!

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