Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm sick...but I'm trying to be productive anyway!

I hate being sick...and today is no exception! I have NO voice (something for which my husband is probably rejoicing) and I feel like I've swallowed razor blades! Although I feel like laying in my bed and watching movies today, that's not an option. I knew I'd feel that way, so the moment I got out of bed, I put our sheets in the wash. We have a little stackable washer/dryer combo and it will take forever for the sheets to dry, so I probably won't be back in bed before tonight! Here is a list of what I've accomplished today so far:

**Made grocery list for today and did coupon matchups (I know I'm a week behind on this, but the sale ends today!)
**Went grocery shopping
**Made menu for the month of March (wow...that's a lot of alliteration)
**Took inventory of our freezer
**Looked at grocery ad for upcoming week and started doing my coupon matchups for that as well!

Now, I'm going to go clean my bathroom! Sorry I don't have anything more exciting to post!

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