Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Yes...I Do Use Coupons!!!

I seriously think I may have killed a tree with the amount of receipt tape needed for today's purchase! This is only a portion of the non perishables purchased today. I also had 25-30 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast, some salad, Sargentos Salad Finishers and Potato Finishers, Country Crock Shedd Spread, some Freschetta pizzas, and a few other odds and ends! I ended up with over $400 of groceries for $120. It would have been less, but they didn't end up using all my coupons or giving me $5 from the Mega promotion and I didn't notice til I got home!

On another note, Kroger told me today that they won't triple more than 2 identical coupons. I asked for a written copy of this policy and was told that they didn't have one yet. After the cashier refused to triple my coupons, I told him to take everything I had over the 2 coupon limit and return it. He then told me that he could probably get his manager to override it. She ended up overriding it and allowing him to triple my coupons, but in the mayhem, the cashier mixed up my coupons and ended up not scanning all of them. Oh well...I still saved a ton... I'm glad that I was able to replenish quite a few of the items in my freezer. I'm hoping I will get an insurance check in the next few days to pay me back for replacing my freezer and for the food that was lost in the flood! I'll try to stock up on more freezer stuff next week. I'm also going to call around to the Krogers in the area to find out what the scoop is and if they are all going to this new policy, I may have to write some letters to the managers. This could really change the amount I can save!

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  1. Good for you Lisa!! Give Kroger's heck for me too!! The last time I went with 4 coupons for Garlic bread, I got in a teenagers lane:) She rang me right up, no questions asked. Let me know what you find out and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you!!



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